Meter Trundle Wheel



Meter Trundle Wheel

A trundle wheel is a measuring device used to measure longer distances or distances that are not in a straight line.

Commonly used by surveyors, landscape designers, etc.

A trundle wheel is designed with an easy-grip extendable handle to allow for different height settings for the user.

A trundle wheel consists of a non-slip rubberised wheel and a sturdy plastic handle which is attached to the axle allowing the trundle wheel to be held easily.

The wheel has a circumference of one meter and distances are measured by counting each revolution.

Most trundle wheels click on the completion of a revolution thus the user will need to count the number of clicks to determine the distance (in meters) measured.

Age 8+.


In the box

♫ 1 Meter Wheel

♫ 2 Handle parts

♫ 1 Nut & Bolt

♫ 1 Arrowhead

♫ Instructions


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