Laces x 1 – ( Singles ) – With Tipped Edge



Threading Laces

Sold individually.

Brightly coloured threading laces with plastic ends are ideal for threading and sequencing activities. Each lace measures 1m in length.

Strong and robust threading laces with plastic ends are ideal for use with threading, weaving and sequencing activities.

Match the colours or create contrasting patterns with large buttons, beads (RGS6109), cotton reels (RGS6163) and jumbo pegs (ST1523).

The plastic ends on these colourful laces prevent the laces from unravelling and ensure little hands are able to concentrate on the task at hand.

Threading is a wonderful hands-on activity for children to strengthen hands and fingers to develop the fine motor skills they require for everyday tasks- including drawing and painting, writing, manipulating small building and construction resources, mastering tricky zips and buttons for self-help care and so much more.

Children will increase their hand-eye coordination and visual tracking as they thread laces, wrapping over and under threading and weaving frames, threading objects including chunky beads or cotton reels etc. Thread sequencing lines of objects or weave shapes and letters. The possibilities are endless.

Age 3+.




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