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Jane has a purchase from her new e-commerce website.
The order is paid for online by eft or credit card through the payment gateway on the new website.
Head office and Jane and the customer will receive a copy of the order and payment.
The order is now packed at head office in Johannesburg.
The order will be collected by our courier service.
The customer and Jane will now receive a courier tracking number that can be easily tracked on-line
The goods are then couriered door to door to Jane’s customers’ address anywhere in the country.
Delivery takes 2-5 working days depending on the destination.
All transport and delivery logistics are handled by Educational Play.

How Payment to the supplier is made.
Payments made to Jane’s website will be sent to head office.
Once the payment clears at head office, Jane will be paid her profit share.

How do I update my new website and adjust pricing?

Here is a business opportunity that could look like this:
Our lives have changed dramatically in a very short time and will probably never be the same again.
If you are the type of person who sees change as an opportunity, join us for financial and personal growth in the unlimited market of homeschooling and educational toy supplies.
We are offering ready-made e-commerce websites where all you need to do is choose your own name and branding and add your bank account.
All the rest will be done for you.

Business Opportunity
1. Where is Educational Play situated?
Our warehouse and showroom is situated in Germiston, Johannesburg.
2. Is there an agent start-up fee?
There is no startup fee.
3. Is there a minimum quantity for agents to order?
There are no minimum order quantities, but please keep your courier costs in mind if they apply to you.
4. Will we have to buy our catalogues?
We will send you all of our beautifully illustrated catalogues with your first order. You can have up to 5 of each catalogue per order.
5. Do we earn commission on sales? – how do we make money selling Smile products?
We do not operate on a commission basis.
The prices loaded on the website are the reccomended retail price, your cost price will be sent to you separately.
6. Do we only have to keep Educational Play products?
No, many of our top agents buy products from many different suppliers to resell to their customers.**
7. How do we go about re-selling Educational Play Products?
Sell our goods to friends, family and local networks. Our top agents have their own websites and their own agents working under them.
Agents can also contact preschools, NGO and government organisations.
8. How do I go about starting my own website?
Our website developer has excellent knowledge of our products and our customer needs. We have created a solution that requires no deposit and is an ALL-Inclusive solution.
Included in this package:
Domain registration
Monthly website hosting
The building of the online shop
Preloading od all products
Built in payment gateway
Built in courier service

 You will also have a dedicated support team to assist in managing and maintaining the website.

** Pricing will change based on number of products.