Viga Toys – Magnetic Frog Wall Decorations



Magnetic Dry Erase Board Decorations

These cute and colourful wooden wall decorations are mounted above the Magnetic Dry Erase Wall Mount Boards.

Age 3+.

Options: *sold separately

♫ RGS50566 Giraffe Wall Decoration (425 x 280 x 15mm)

♫ RGS50568 Frog Wall Decoration (370 x 155 x 15mm)

♫ RGS50569 Hippo Wall Decoration (370 x 155 x 15mm)

♫ RGS50580 Ladybird Wall Decoration (370 x 155 x 15mm)

Use together with the?Viga Wall Mount Magnetic & Dry Erase Board (RGS50481), sold separately.

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