Viga – Supermarket Food Display



Supermarket Food Display

A durable and well-crafted 3 part set will bring any imaginative play corner to life!

This is one of three parts in the range for creating a complete corner Supermarket.
Stock your shelves with beverages, cereals and condiments.

Add a cash register (RGS44527) or weighing scale (RGS59691) to your counter, for that final authentic look and feel. *Both sold separately.

Use alone or add the other 2 parts in the set.

Light assembly will be required.

Age 3+.


Size: 550 x 800 x 340mm

Other parts available in this range:
• RGS44520 Supermarket Fruit & Veg Display with Awning measures 1215 x 800 x 555mm
• RGS44522 Supermarket Fridge measures 340 x 760 x 340mm

Stock your shelves and counters with these items:  *sold individually
• RGS44523 Fruit and Vegetable 10 Box Set
• RGS44524 Beverage & Food Set
• RGS44527 Cash Register
• RGS50810 Wooden Hamburger & Sandwich set
• RGS59228 Wooden Eggs 6pc
• RGS59691 Weighing Scale
• RGS59893 Wooden Cupcake Stand with cupcakes


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