Geometric Threading Beads – 48 Piece






Threading Beads + Laces 48pc

Our set features 48 assorted beads in 6 shapes and 4 colours plus 4 laces.

Ideal for fun activities including colour and shape recognition, sorting, sequencing, threading and counting.

Threading is a life skill which has many benefits for young children:
• Fine motor control – the muscles of the hands and fingers are strengthened.
• Hand-eye coordination – threading requires a good deal of eye-hand coordination which is necessary for most scholastic activities including drawing, cutting and sewing.
• Crossing the midline of the body – because both hands are involved in threading activities, the child will need to cross the midline when threading.
• Visual perception – while threading, children learns to sort and match according to colour and shape.

Instructions included in Afrikaans and English.

Age 3+.


In the packet
• 48 Assorted beads in 6 shapes and 4 colours
• 4 Laces



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