Our wooden puzzles are ideal for classroom use – they will last for years, and our board puzzles are priced to suit every pocket – they are ideal for home or class use, and of course they make wonderful gifts for children of all ages.

Teachers and therapists all over the world recognise the value of puzzles.
When doing a puzzle, children improve eye-hand coordination, they learn to sort and match according to colour, line, shape and position and no matter how big or small the puzzle, they love to look at their finished masterpiece.

Puzzles are an important part of the school curriculum; that is why our children’s puzzles are in line with the themes taught in most Early Learning and Foundation Phase classes. 

  • puzzles stimulate language and vocabulary development. Discuss the pictures and themes with your children and create opportunities to learn new things.
  • puzzles enhance hand-eye coordination. By placing puzzle pieces in the correct place, children learn to coordinate their movements.
  • puzzles encourage children to match, group and sort according to line, colour and shape.
  • puzzles enhance children’s problem solving ability. There is only one way to complete the picture-the correct way